Announcement: Juraj Slafkovsky propose to girlfriend after signing eight-year contract extension worth $60.8-million

Announcement: Juraj Slafkovsky propose to girlfriend after signing eight-year contract extension worth $60.8-million

Canadiens players’ love lives have long been the buzz of the town.They will remain so indefinitely. That’s the way it is.

Josh Anderson wed in Italy, Jake Evans in Ireland, and Brendan Gallagher recently wedded in Montreal. If our show had a summer season, my friend JT would have had enough of content to share with us.

Some people are looking for hints about Arber Xhekaj’s future because he did not feature in any of the images from the three weddings, but we won’t get into that this morning.

Some non-Quebec players have discovered love while playing in Montreal over the years, in addition to happiness, popularity, and fortune.

Brendan Gallagher married Emma Fortin, a Quebec resident…

Michael Pezzetta is currently dating Mireille Boutin, a Quebecer girl.

And it appears that Juraj Slafkovsky is the latest to discover love in Quebec.

Slafkovsky recently shared a meal with a girl who goes by AngelieBP on social media. They were photographed on a date at Rojo restaurant (red in Spanish).They appear to be on vacation.

Angélie is a Quebec model represented by Folio Management, a Montreal agency , as well as international agency Bella Management. Her full name is Angélie Bourgeois-Pelletier.

Slafkovsky is the third Canadiens player to find love in Quebec.

When he signed his eight-year contract valued at $7.6 million per season – which won’t start until 2025-26 – Slafkovsky vowed that he was mostly happy to know he’d be in Montreal for another nine years. Was there a bit of Angelie behind this positive sentiment?

Let’s not forget that Slafkovsky arrived in Montreal when he was just 18. It’s good that he’s (already) settled in, and let’s hope it lasts.

While we’re on the subject of love and Canadiens players, let’s not forget that Cole Caufield attended a Zach Bryan show alongside his university girlfriend Abby Brien (and Jeff and Julie Petry).

Will Cole Caufield and Juraj Slafkovsky emulate Nick Suzuki by playing next season as a pair? Let’s just say that if the three youngsters are all 100% focused on hockey, there could be some sparks flying on the ice…

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