Breaking: San Francisco Giants Are Beating Astros to Sign $66 Million Top Target

Breaking: San Francisco Giants Are Beating Astros to Sign $66 Million Top Target

The San Francisco Giants are now considered the favorites, thus the Houston Astros might miss out on their top free agent target.

In recent days, the Houston Astros have indicated that they are interested in expanding their roster with starting pitchers.

Owner Jim Crane and the front office are working hard to pursue possibilities in light of the fact that Justin Verlander missed Opening Day and that Jose Urquidy is probably going to follow.

First up is two-time Cy Young champion Blake Snell, a guy Crane has desired to add to the team since the trade deadline of the previous season.

Snell and his agent Scott Boras are reportedly still demanding a hefty sum—roughly $66 million over two years. The Astros would then surpass the third luxury tax threshold.

Like every other high-profile Boras client this winter, Snell is willing to accept a short-term deal, but Houston is “balking” at their price.

Thus, with Opening Day only a few days away, Snell is still unsigned.

According to USA Today, the San Francisco Giants are currently the front-runners to sign Snell to a contract. Quite different from where we were even the day before.

However, there’s a potential that Snell’s camp and the Astros will cross paths somewhere in the middle. Snell’s best opportunity to pitch in a World Series is with the Astros, and there is ample documentation of the clubhouse culture.

Furthermore, Crane virtually always manages to get a player when he wants one.

Regarding the Giants, they created a stir when they signed third baseman Matt Chapman, a fellow Boras client, to an essentially one-year contract this winter. The last few seasons, San Francisco has been trying to make a major statement in free agency, particularly since losing out on Aaron Judge during the winter.

Snell’s addition to the team can be seen by supporters as a victory for the Giants.

When it comes to the luxury tax thresholds, they can also have more money to spend.

It’s unclear where Snell will land, but his personal stove is burning fiercely.

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