Report: Texans close deal to sign Longhorns star to Strengthen Defense

Houston Texans Strengthen Defense and Receiving Corps in Three-Round NFL Mock Draft.
The Houston Texans will need to recruit impact players if they want to advance to the next tier of AFC contenders. Did they do this in Luke Easterling’s three-round NFL mock draft?

The Houston Texans may not be able to improve on their draft haul from previous season in 2024. Houston will have less resources than in previous rounds, since last year’s class included two top-three choices and two immediate stars, as well as exceptional receiver Tank Dell.

However, this does not preclude the Texans from attracting top personnel. General manager Nick Caserio’s task may be more tough this time around, but delivering another solid class would improve Houston’s cap position significantly.

In Luke Easterling’s latest three-round NFL mock draft, the Texans try to fill some gaps and prepare for the AFC playoffs.

Houston’s first-round pick, 23rd overall owing to the Deshaun Watson deal, was used to shore up the defensive line. Texas defensive lineman Byron Murphy II provides a versatile and strong presence to compliment the team’s deadly edge rushers.
“They need a disruptive force like Murphy to wreak havoc on opposing offenses,” Easterling noted in an email.

With the 59th selection, Easterling selects Louisville cornerback Jarvis Brownlee Jr. for the Texans.

Murphy is both explosive and strong at the point of attack, giving him a viable replacement for inside defensive lineman Sheldon Rankings, if he leaves in free agency.

Brownlee may be a notch or two below some of the class’ best defensive backs, but he should not be overlooked as a possibility for Houston. Veteran cornerback Steven Nelson may go, leaving a gap on the outside, but this defense also has a need inside.

Few corners in this class have more physicality than the Louisville standout, and although he isn’t expected to be a turnover machine, his technical abilities are increasing his value.

The Texans finally address the offense with the 86th pick from the Philadelphia Eagles. Houston’s third-round pick was included in the Anderson deal last offseason.

While the offensive line is an issue, adding another talented pass catcher to Stroud’s roster is quite appealing. It’s a passing league, and those most suited to tearing apart strong pass defenses may set themselves apart with spectacular plays. Houston signs Florida receiver Ricky Pearsall Jr.

Pearsall isn’t a top-tier player entering Day 2, but he complements quarterback C.J. Stroud’s game perfectly. He can make acrobatic catches and is comfortable functioning in the middle of the field and in traffic. He would emphasize Stroud’s aggressive instincts while allowing offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik to move receiver Tank Dell throughout the formation.

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