MLB Breaking: Yankees Are ‘Finalizing Talks’ To Sign $123 Million Starter, Insider Reveals

MLB Breaking: Yankees Are ‘Finalizing Talks’ To Sign $123 Million Starter, Insider Reveals

As Opening Day approaches, the New York Yankees may be searching the free agent market to add some depth, even though they are probably done with free agency. The Yankees were not willing to push it with the fourth rung of the luxury tax and maybe spend over $60 million for the reigning Cy Young Award winner, so Gerrit Cole’s injury did not change their thoughts about acquiring Blake Snell. It’s been difficult to think that the Yankees, who are on a tight budget, would make a major expenditure in the upcoming weeks, but according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, they have been in talks with Jordan Montgomery.

There is a significant gulf between the two sides, and common sense dictates that this won’t happen. Still, it will be intriguing to watch in the coming days to see if this report serves as a lure for another club to win the World Series.

Jordan Montgomery and Yankees Have Been in Contact

Given their current financial circumstances, it is improbable that the New York Yankees will be the highest bidders on Jordan Montgomery. The fact that the winner of the NL Cy Young Award recently signed a two-year contract shows that the market has fallen in love with him, although his circumstances are very different. Montgomery’s market isn’t hampered by a qualifying offer like Snell’s was, so this is likely his best opportunity to sign a long-term contract. Having said that, he has an escape route to continue living without it during the upcoming winter.

Jordan Montgomery can enter free agency after 2024 without being associated with the QO as long as he signs a contract after Opening Day (March 28). This is presuming he accepts a one-year deal or chooses not to sign one. All of this suggests that Montgomery would, in theory, profit from Blake Snell’s short-term circumstances, but it is still unclear how this would influence the Yankees’ decision to sign him. Even though it would improve their rotation and offer them more consistency in the wake of Gerrit Cole’s injury, they still aren’t inclined to pay that much money.

The Yankees may not have had a chance at Blake Snell, according to some reports, while others claim they were interested as late as Sunday. Nothing seems to add up on that front. Maybe the Yankees are doing their homework, or maybe Montgomery’s market is collapsing that drastically. As we’ve seen with Scott Boras clients in the past, it might just be a report that was leaked to help spark interest in his market and create a sense of urgency for teams like the Red Sox or Rangers to submit their bids right away.

Michael Lorenzen appears to be the most likely candidate if the Yankees were to add a starter because he is incredibly inexpensive and might be a backend starting for them. Jordan Montgomery, who had a 3.20 ERA in 32 starts the previous season, would undoubtedly improve this rotation, but the Yankees are adamant that this is the squad they will have on Opening Day. They might choose to sign a utility infielder, particularly with the uncertainty surrounding DJ LeMahieu’s availability for Opening Day.


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