Brutal news for the wildcats: Kentucky Wildcats star to have season-ending surgery.

Julius Randle is out for the season.
Brutal news for the former Wildcat, but he is expected to return for the start of next season.
Julius Randle’s season has ended.

Randle had been rehabbing after dislocating his right shoulder on January 27th, hoping to return for the 2018 NBA Playoffs.

However, the shoulder has not recovered as expected, therefore the former Kentucky Wildcats player is deciding to have season-ending surgery.
Adrian Wojnarowski announced the news on ESPN.

Doctors recently informed him that continuing shoulder instability rendered it risky for him to play again this season, according to ESPN sources.

He had done everything he could to avoid surgery and return to the playoffs. However, the treatment seemed increasingly likely following recent visits to two experts who warned of severe harm and possible irreversible damage to the shoulder if he returned to play before undergoing surgery, according to sources.

According to the New York Knicks, Randle will be reevaluated in September after surgery.

Randle made the following Instagram post:

“The journey remains the journey. Just keep going. “It is what you think it is.”

The good news is that the operation should allow Randle to fully heal in time for the start of the 2024-25 NBA season.

This season, the All-Star forward averaged 24 points on 47% shooting (31.1% from deep), 9.2 rebounds, and five assists a game.

Let’s hope for a full and swift recovery for the former Cat!

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