Breaking: Vikings Closing In On Deal To Sign $128 Million QB In Private Discussion

Breaking: Vikings Closing In On Deal To Sign $128 Million QB In Private Discussion

Do the Minnesota Vikings have any interest in Michael Penix Jr.? It’s not the regular season or the playoffs. It’s officially smokescreen season, and we’ll be here all month breaking down the latest NFL Draft rumors.

This time of year, it’s all about sorting through the newest Vikings news, trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not. Finally, only the Vikings’ front office knows which players Kwesi Adofo-Mensah would legitimately contemplate selecting at No. 11 or even trade up for..

The list presumably begins with (in no particular order) Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and JJ McCarthy, but what if there’s a scenario that involves Michael Penix Jr. swapping out one purple jersey for another? They haven’t been able to lock in workouts with every QB target yet but we know the Vikings have privately worked out both McCarthy and Penix Jr.

Entire Minnesota Vikings coaching staff flies to Michael Penix Jr

It most likely hinges on which teams pick ahead of the Vikings, and we’ll have to wait until draft day to find out which potential unexpectedly becomes available. However, until April 25, Minnesota’s senior decision-makers, including Kevin O’Connell, have little choice but to turn every stone in their search for the franchise’s next quarterback.

The procedure has taken them to Washington, where the entire staff reportedly attended a private meeting and workout with Michael Penix Jr.

Penix is the least frequently cited quarterback when it comes to the Vikings. When the Vikings traded for an extra first-round pick, many felt Penix was eliminated from the competition. Houston pushed for a deal with Minnesota, not the other way around, as previously thought.

In turn, it’s probable that the Vikings have been keeping a close check on Penix the entire time. Given that multiple scouts have praised about Penix, even going so far as to suggest he has the greatest arm talent in the 2024 NFL Draft class, including Caleb Williams, it’s easy to understand how the Vikings’ top brass could be enamored with the former Huskies quarterback.

“I don’t think he has Mahomes’ arm (referring to Caleb Williams).” If you’re looking for exceptional arm skill in this class, (Michael) Penix is your guy. If Caleb can improve his ability to get rid of the ball quickly, stand in the pocket and get it out, and diagnose post-snap movement, I believe he will be a great pick.”

Anonymous NFL talent evaluator who spoke to The Athletic

Elite arm talent and the Vikings may be able to get him at 11 without selling the farm and the farm’s future offspring? That sounds too good to be true. But did the Vikings come away from Penix’s workout feeling the same way? We may not have our answer until draft day.

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