I can’t continue again: Jaguars Star Set To Leave After Buffalo Bills Trade Stefon Diggs

I can’t continue again: Jaguars Star Set To Leave After Buffalo Bills Trade Stefon Diggs

Star pass rusher Josh Allen liked a message on his X account that threw shade on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ front office. The message was about the Buffalo Bills trading Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had a mild offseason

On paper, the Jaguars and Texans appear to be the two greatest contenders for the AFC South title in the coming years. However, the Texans have had a far more successful offseason. The Texans have added Danielle Hunter, Joe Mixon, and Diggs.

The Jaguars have perhaps regressed. Calvin Ridley left to join another AFC South foe, the Tennessee Titans, therefore they did not re-sign him. Arik Armstead, the Jaguars’ best free agent signing, will complement Allen on defense.

Josh Allen wasn’t impressed when the Buffalo Bills traded with Houston

Those moves do not appear to be enough for Allen. Allen liked Mr_Y_U_Mad’s Tweet, which complained about the Jaguars not going “for the kill” like the Texans did when they traded for Diggs:

“This is my frustration with this @Jaguars Organization. We don’t go for the kill. Houston seen what they have and didn’t care about Draft Picks, money or personnel. You can say that about Tennessee to. But Houston put themselves as the front runners to beat KC. SCARED MONEY MAKES NO MONEY!. We have the QB, the Coach but we have a scary ass GM. Fix Cam”s deal, resign Josh and call MotherFing SAN FRAN!”

Allen is on the franchise tag for 2024

Allen’s issues with the Jaguars go beyond the Diggs deal. After an impressive 17.5 sack season, the team gave him the franchise tag this summer. They don’t appear willing to offer Allen significant dollars to stay in Jacksonville. As previously indicated, they let Ridley depart following a successful 2023 season.

The Jaguars did add Gabe Davis, a former Bills wide receiver, to their roster in free agency. Davis wasn’t even a genuine No. 2 wide receiver on a Bills team that always appeared to need more depth to divert an opponent’s attention away from Diggs. That move probably didn’t excite Allen much.

Can the Jaguars do enough to keep Allen past the 2024 season?

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