Report: Saints set to cut ties with star player

Could Saints offensive tackle Trevor Penning be on the move during the NFL Draft?
The New Orleans Saints are projected to choose an offensive tackle in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Does this imply Trevor Penning could be traded?

The New Orleans Saints selected offensive tackle Trevor Penning in the first round (19th overall) in 2022. Two years later, everyone expects the Saints to utilize their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft on another offensive tackle. This could signify one of two things. Either Penning has not produced for the Saints, or the team is ready to replace longstanding right tackle Ryan Ramczyk.

Unfortunately, both are correct. Penning has unable to establish himself as the NFL’s starting left tackle after two seasons. As he prepares for year three, there is anxiety about whether he will be able to make the necessary transition. Ryan Ramczyk, on the other end of the offensive line, has a knee ailment that may keep him out of action. This is why the Saints are nearly expected to draft a tackle.


The debate is whether New Orleans should draft a tackle and trade Trevor Penning. Bill Barnwell introduced the idea in a recent ESPN all-trades mock draft. Barnwell requested that the Saints trade Penning, the 14th pick, and the 45th pick to the Los Angeles Chargers in exchange for the fifth pick. However, in reality, New Orleans could send Penning anyplace.

Should the Saints trade Trevor Penning?
New Orleans could certainly package Penning to move up or obtain some other picks, and the idea of replacing a young tackle with a younger tackle who you hope is better makes sense. However, the Saints’ decision to part ways with Pennning may not be the wisest one.


For starters, Penning is still young. He’s only had two seasons in the NFL. He can still become the talented tackle that New Orleans drafted him to be. Beyond that, as previously said, the Saints have question marks at both tackle positions and left guard. It is preferable to maintain as many linemen around as possible. Furthermore, it is unclear how the chosen rookie will make the adjustment to the NFL.

Overall, it makes the most sense for the New Orleans Saints to choose an offensive tackle while keeping Trevor Penning.




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