Breaking: Raiders Set To Trade Speedy 2nd-Year WR Insider Reveals

Breaking: Raiders Set To Trade Speedy 2nd-Year WR Insider Reveals

The Las Vegas Raiders have signed wide receivers Michael Gallup and Jordan Guyton after the 2024 NFL Draft. Despite having 11 wide receivers on the roster as of right now, the team will probably only have five or six going into the regular season.

The Raiders selected Tre Tucker in the third round of the previous draft and he had some promising moments as a deep threat. With 17.4 yards per reception on average previous season, the speedster should only get better in 2024. But according to Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine, Tucker doesn’t have much of a future in Las Vegas. This offseason, he identified the wide receiver as one of the team’s trade or cut candidates.

Ballentine stated, “Let’s get this straight, the Raiders shouldn’t cut Tre Tucker,” in a piece published on May 8. “The 23-year-old’s speed is a benefit to the offense, and he showed some flashes of brilliance last season.” It makes no sense to let him go for nothing because he has a low deal.

“However, Brock Bowers’s first-round selection will result in a smaller role than what was anticipated for him before the draft.”

Despite their stalemate at wide receiver, Tucker is one of the Raiders’ most fascinating young players. He has the potential to have a significant impact on the squad this season if he improves his long throwing game.

Why Would Las Vegas Want to Trade Tre Tucker?

Ballentine believes that Tucker can only play slot receiver, which is a major factor in his opinion that Tucker is no longer a good fit for the Raiders.

“Tucker is a true slot receiver at 5’9″, 185 pounds,” Ballentine noted. Nevertheless, Bowers will receive a lot of run from the alignment, and Jacob Meyers can also operate inside.

“The Raiders should be open to hearing from a team that is prepared to give up a respectable draft pick in exchange for Turner.”

What Ballentine to opining simply isn’t true. Tucker only played 117 snaps in the slot last season while taking 216 snaps out wide, per Pro Football Focus. He certainly has the ability to play in the slot but it’s difficult to call him a “pure slot receiver.”

Las Vegas Raiders Likely Won’t Trade Tre Tucker

The Raiders have no clear incentive to deal Tucker. Since they only used a third-round pick on him a year ago, it’s difficult to think they’ll receive anything more than a fourth-round pick in a trade. That isn’t very valuable.

Despite his glimpses as a rookie, no team is willing to trade for Tucker in the second round. Also, Tucker is probably valued by the Raiders. One of the team’s fastest players, he has previously received accolades from Davante Adams.

Tucker is one of the Raiders’ most intriguing young players and if he can get better at holding onto the ball, he could be a major weapon. He proved last season that he could get open just with his speed and route running. There’s no reason for the Raiders to trade him before they really see how good he can be.

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