I have made my decision – Birmingham star set to leave as contract decision made

Following a contract decision, the former Barnsley star is expected to depart Birmingham City as a free agent.
Marc Roberts, a former defender for Barnsley, will be leaving Birmingham City this summer when his contract expires.

Roberts was a pillar of the Barnsley defense for two years before to joining the Blues six years ago. He had contributed to the Reds’ victories in League One promotion and their subsequent comfortable Championship finish above the relegation zone.

Additionally, he was a member of the Barnsley team that won the EFL Trophy at Wembley.
Roberts is now free to pursue other opportunities as a free agent after 197 games played while wearing a Birmingham shirt. Along with four other prominent personalities, including fellow former Reds player Gary Gardner, he has been released.

The Blues were relegated to League One on the last day of the season, so the former Barnsley pair was unable to cap off their time in Birmingham on a positive note.

The 33-year-old Roberts sent a heartfelt farewell letter on Instagram. “I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in my time at the club, staff, players past and present, and ALL the managers. It is now official that I will be leaving the Blues this summer,” he stated.

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“Our time together has been memorable despite some turbulence. I can guarantee you that we have played football together for far longer than seven years.

“Thank you to all of the fans for your incredible support during these trying times. You were consistently present! We all enjoy football because it’s a huge game of opinions, therefore I would never begrudge anyone expressing theirs! Thank you for the compliments when they deserve them and the criticism when warranted! Sincere best wishes for everyone’s future success!

“Even if it didn’t end like anyone would have preferred, I have loved every second of representing this club anytime I have gone over the line. I’m pretty sure the club is headed for a very bright future under the current ownership. Hopefully, everyone involved will have a much brighter future.

Finally, I would want to thank my wife and family for their support over the years.

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