Report: Milwaukee close to sign Celtic man

Rumor: Doc Rivers of the Milwaukee Bucks is aiming to become the top assistant coach for the Celtics.
The Milwaukee Bucks were eliminated from the playoffs after being bitten by the injury bug late in the season. In

actuality, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard didn’t play much, if at all, in the series, despite the fact that many were eager to point the finger at Doc Rivers, the old team, and the botched deals. Any team finds it difficult to win when their two best players are sidelined. The Bucks do, however, have some off-season concerns, and Rivers wants to strengthen his team. Sam Cassell is reportedly the target of his actions.

Doc Rivers of the Milwaukee Bucks wants Sam Cassell.

Rivers “plans to make an aggressive push” for the top assistant position with the Celtics, as reported by NBA insider Marc Stein. Assistant coaches are essential to a team’s success even though head coaches and players receive the majority of the attention. For some time now, Sam Cassell has been regarded as one of the best assistants in the NBA, and Rivers believes he can help the Milwaukee Bucks win another title. When Cassell was a member of the Clippers and 76ers, he previously worked under Rivers. But they’ll face fierce competition.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been given permission to interview Sam Cassell for their open coaching position, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Other teams in need of a head coach besides the Lakers might consider hiring Cassell.

Fear Or Hope For The Bucks?

The Milwaukee Bucks are a source of great panic for the media. Among the best players in the NBA is Giannis. Every time a major player represents a small market team, their defeat is met with a flurry of speculations. In the end, the Bucks might have had an extra season thanks to the injuries to their two best players. With all of their ailments, it is unrealistic to expect the squad to triumph in the postseason. The Bucks deserve praise for delaying the return of Giannis and Lillard rather than running the danger of serious injuries.


Is Rivers able to enhance the Milwaukee Bucks’ coaching staff? Instead of joining the squad in the middle of the season and having to pick up the pieces, he now has a whole offseason to work with the group.

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