Report: Rams lost arguably the best player in the history of their franchise to Chiefs

“Take One More!” Chiefs Sign Aaron Donald, Per Travis Kelce
With Aaron Donald’s retirement last week, the Los Angeles Rams lost maybe the greatest player in franchise history. Travis Kelce now wants him to go with the Kansas City Chiefs, who are the reigning Super Bowl champions.
The announcement of Aaron Donald’s retirement last week, maybe the greatest player in Los Angeles Rams history, dealt a serious blow to the team’s 2024 campaign.

As he concluded his ten-year career, Donald—who was still a formidable defensive tackle—became one of the most decorated players in NFL history.

In fact, tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs thinks so highly of him that he should come back and play for the reigning Super Bowl champions.

“A special thanks to AD. Amazing professional journey,” Kelce stated on his podcast. “In December, we should have some availability if you would like to win one more Super Bowl.”

Having said that, Donald’s announcement of his retirement on Friday wasn’t entirely unexpected.
Since the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI, there have been rumors about the former Pittsburgh Panther retiring. However, Donald continued to return—that is, until today.
Donald even publicly stated that his lack of motivation and desire to continue playing was the reason he decided to retire.

“I’m finished. “I’m full,” declared Donald. “I believe that my enthusiasm for the game has faded. I will always be a football fan, but I don’t feel the same drive to push myself to play the game after thinking about going through another camp and 17 seasons. Simply put, I’m exhausted. The best way to put it is, “It’s time to move on; I’m full, complete, and satisfied with what I was able to accomplish in ten years.”
All that being said, the Chiefs, who are positioned to contend for another Super Bowl in 2024, are most likely the team that may provide Donald with a cause to come back.




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