Breaking: Saints HC Dennis Allen close to complete trade for star cornerback

Saints HC Dennis Allen explains his position on star cornerback trades.
When asked whether Marshon Lattimore will be a member of the 2024 Saints, Dennis Allen keeps answering in the affirmative. This trend from OTAs was continued this week by the third-year New Orleans head coach.

After teams checked in on Lattimore earlier in the season, trade whispers have continued. As a result, early this month, Allen and the Pro Bowl cornerback spoke about the reports. Through the 2026 campaign, Lattimore’s three-time restructured contract, worth $19.4 million annually, is in effect.

Upon learning that Lattimore will be a Saint this season, Allen stated, “I just thought it was something we needed to communicate,” as reported by Katherine Terrell of Outside our building, there has been a lot of discussion on trades and related topics. Thus, I simply thought it was about time for us to speak. We’re excited to work with him when he’s here and are looking forward to their great chat.

The 28-year-old Lattimore failed to show up for the Saints’ initial OTAs. Allen stated that he hasn’t visited the building over the offseason, implying that the current discussion between the parties was the first in a long time. However, skipping workouts on a voluntary basis is not an unusual trend for the

Due to an ankle injury, Lattimore was sidelined for the final seven games for the Saints. Despite not being placed on injured reserve by the Saints that season, he missed ten games in 2022 as a result of a lacerated kidney. Although Lattimore was placed on inactive reserve in 2023, Jeff Duncan of reports that the veteran wide receiver became irritated with how quickly he healed from each injury. Lattimore’s camp was definitely offended by this concern.
The Saints’ relationship with Michael Thomas was already over due to availability concerns, even though the team offered the former All-Pro wideout several opportunities to recover. Lattimore has a more recent history of playing at a high level and is three years younger than Thomas. However, the Saints selected Kool-Aid McKinstry in the draft by trading up, and they have

With the addition of option incentives, the Saints’ most recent Lattimore restructure reduced his 2024 salary cap amount (to $14.62 million), making his contract more tradeable. If Lattimore is traded, New Orleans’ introduction of option bonuses here would shift the burden of accountability from the signing bonus to another team. Prorated over the next five years, $13.79 million in options bonuses are now included in the deal.

Lattimore’s $2.76 million 2024 option bonus is similar to the Packers’ final contract with Aaron Rodgers in that it can be exercised up to one week prior to the start of the season. Nothing is imminent, even though that structure undoubtedly leaves the door open for a trade. Should Lattimore be dealt after this year’s June 1st, the Saints would only have to pay $10.65 million in

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