Breaking: Seahawks Closing In On Proposed Deal To Sign $38.5 Million Edge Rusher

Breaking: Seahawks Closing In On Proposed Deal To Sign $38.5 Million Edge Rusher

Seattle’s defense should improve significantly under new head coach Mike MacDonald, but one deal could elevate the team to elite status.

Are the Seattle Seahawks experiencing “quarterback purgatory”? That is the topic to consider while understanding why CBS Sports believes Seattle should pursue a great edge rusher during the 2024 season. The theory is a little out there, which complicates the possibility of the purchase being completed.

CBS Sports’ Douglas Clawson admits to being a “big Geno Smith fan,” but still rates Smith as a “average-to-above average” quarterback who is unlikely to lead his club to a Super Bowl unless the rest of the squad performs well. Trent Dilfer, for example, was an adequate quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, but the team’s defense was strong enough to win the Super Bowl in 2001.

Smith is better than Dilfer, especially athletically, but Clawson doesn’t see Smith as being the rare quarterback whose teams don’t make a conference championship game in their first six seasons and then suddenly wins a Super Bowl. Again, not without Smith having a lot of help. This is where the trade proposal comes in.

Proposed trade would likely be a bad idea for the Seattle Seahawks

Clawson believes the Seahawks should make a bid for Los Angeles Chargers edge rusher Khalil Mack in 2024. Adding Mack to Seattle’s defense, which Clawson believes has talent and improved direction under new head coach Mike Macdonald, might lead to a strong postseason performance. Mack recorded 17 sacks in 2023, and he has only had two seasons with fewer than 8 sacks since starting his career in 2014.

Clawson also believes Seattle could try to acquire Matthew Judon from the New England Patriots or Haason Reddick from the New York Jets. The issue with Reddick is that New York could be quite good this season and moving Reddick would not make much sense. Judon is more of a pure pass rusher who doesn’t consistently help much in run support.

There are two issues with Clawson’s proposal that Seattle add Mack. One is that he does not provide a theory for what Seattle would send Los Angeles in exchange. The Chargers may desire a first-round pick in 2025, but the Seahawks are still constructing their roster, and giving up a high pick for the 33-year-old Mack appears absurd. Seattle is attempting to win in the long run, rather than just one year of glory followed by mediocrity.

The other issue is that if Mack has another outstanding season, Seattle will be taking a gamble that he can quickly adapt to Macdonald’s scheme, augment the defense, and then become a free agency. Probably a pricey one.

Seattle has cap issues next offseason already. Mack’s cap hit this season is $25,395,000. He is still one of the best edge rushers in the NFL and should get paid a lot in 2025. Seattle cannot afford him, and taking a chance he will be fantastic for one-half of a season while parting with a high draft pick seems wrong.

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