Report: Saints closing deal to sign Texas star player in a $105,000 blockbuster trade

The New Orleans Saints have made a move to bolster their defensive lineup by signing Malcolm Roach, a talented defensive lineman from the Texas Longhorns, as an undrafted free agent. Roach, who went unsigned during the 2024 NFL Draft, has impressed the Saints with his impressive skills and versatility on the field.

The signing comes as a strategic move by the Saints to strengthen their defensive unit, which has been a priority for the team in recent years. Roach’s ability to play both defensive end and linebacker makes him a valuable asset for the Saints, who are looking to improve their pass rush and overall defensive performance.

Roach’s college career was marked by impressive performances, including 47 games with 23 starts, and he was elected as one of six Longhorns captains for the 2019 season. His leadership skills and experience playing in a competitive conference like the Big 12 make him an attractive addition to the Saints’ roster.

The contract signing includes a $10,000 signing bonus and a $95,000 guarantee, a testament to the Saints’ confidence in Roach’s potential to make an impact on the team. While he may not have been drafted, Roach’s talent and work ethic have not gone unnoticed, and the Saints are eager to see him in action.

This move is a classic example of the Saints’ scouting prowess and ability to identify hidden gems in the draft process. By signing Roach as an undrafted free agent, the Saints have added depth and talent to their defensive lineup without breaking the bank.

As the Saints prepare for the upcoming season, the addition of Malcolm Roach is a welcome one. His skills, experience, and leadership abilities make him an excellent fit for the team, and fans are eager to see him take the field in the black and gold. With this move, the Saints have once again demonstrated their commitment to building a winning team, and Roach is ready to prove himself as a valuable asset in the Big Easy.

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