Breaking news: Kentucky 5 star player commit to kings

Malik Monk will join the Kings on a $78 million contract.
For the next four years, Monk intends to remain in Sacramento.
Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that Malik Monk is seeking to sign a four-year, $78 million contract to stay with the Sacramento Kings.

Monk, who was selected with the 11th overall choice in the 2017 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets, has had an interesting trip. During his four seasons with the Hornets, he improved his scoring in every one of them, reaching his highest point total of 11.7 in Charlotte. After that, he spent a season with the Lakers, where he scored 13.8 points per game once more.

Monk began to feel at ease and improve his game in Sacramento, where he played alongside former Kentucky Wildcats colleague De’Aaron Fox on a squad that was among the best in the Western Conference two seasons ago. It received the third seed in the playoffs before being defeated by the Golden State Warriors.

Monk averaged 13.5 points per game that season before hitting a career-high 15.4 per game following season and was named a Sixth Man of the Year nominee.

Monk is 26 years old and at the height of his professional career. While not a great defender, Monk is an outstanding playmaker with room to improve his game. He stands 6-foot-3 and is a talented athlete.

Monk completed his rookie contract with Charlotte before signing a one-year deal with the Lakers worth $1.8 million. Monk earned $9.47 million in 2022-23 and $9.94 million last season.

This is a massive deal for the great guard, and it will put him among the highest-paid bench players in the league.

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