I hope he doesn’t regret this: Mets key star player agree trade to join Mets rival

Jorge Lopez speaks candidly about leaving the Mets after the Cubs called him up.
After leaving the New York Mets in a contentious manner, Jorge Lopez is back in the major leagues and is obviously regretting how his time there ended.

It was the first time the veteran reliever has been on an MLB roster since he lost his temper and made some unfortunate remarks after a game a month ago, but the Chicago Cubs called him up on Friday. Even though those remarks were eventually misconstrued, Lopez was still very sorry about the way he handled the matter.

“It’s something I will never do in my life again,” Lopez declared to the press. “My feelings…” I’ve spent a lot of time improving my mental well-being. My top goal is to stop displaying that and focus all of my attention and body language on the game.

Lopez’s on-field theatrics and lack of remorse are said to have affected the Mets more than his postgame remarks. That is consistent with this. The former All-Star appears to be acutely aware that he must maintain composure in circumstances such to the one he encountered in New York, where he was ejected and threw his glove into the seats following a poor performance.

With the exception of a stellar 2022 season with the Baltimore Orioles, which led to an All-Star selection, Lopez has spent the majority of his career as an ordinary reliever. The Cubs are hoping that with less turmoil, they can assist him in regaining that form.

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