Breaking news: North Florida star and BYU star set to commit to Wildcats

Will Kentucky land either Chaz Lanier or Jaxson Robinson?
Mark Pope has two scholarship places left as he works to fill his first roster as head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

The only question left is who will fill those positions.

The Cats have been highly interested with two players: North Florida star guard Chaz Lanier and BYU star guard Jaxon Robinson.

Lanier spent the weekend at BYU and recently returned from Lexington. He is currently visiting Tennessee on Wednesday.

This recruitment has been considered as a Kentucky vs. Tennessee contest, so Pope’s visit to Lexington this week must go well as he attempts to add a key piece to the 2024 season.

Robinson has been connected to Kentucky since Pope got the position, but it is far from guaranteed that he will finish up in Lexington.

Robinson is still in the NBA Draft process and may elect to maintain his name in the draft and begin his professional career.

However, if Robinson decides to return to college, he could wind up in Lexington, but the Kansas buzz has begun to spread.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Robinson chooses to stay in the draft or return to college. If he returns to school, it might be a competition between Kentucky and Kansas to grab the standout guard.

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